10/18: Okay, my job caught up on me, need to work even on weekends. Well, let me continue blogging on my trip. Sorry guys!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hong Kong Travel: Day 3 Morning - Dim Sum at Cheers Restaurant

Frankly, I love Dim Sum. As recommended in my guide book, it’s a must to try in Hong Kong. That was why i made it a trip to try it in Hong Kong before boarding the ferry to Macau.

I found a restaurant called Cheers restaurant (欢喜大酒楼) nearby my hotel that served dim sum at around 11am. Hopefully the name meant that they want the customer happy with the food and not them happy with the billing part.

One of the thing in Hong Kong restaurant is that if you don’t come in group, you will usually be forced to share a table with other people. For me, I shared with 3 old-aged aunties that kept talking about their grandchildren, maid, the in laws, their neighbors, the property, the government, the….. Yeah, they kept refilling the tea and kept talking. I guess maybe when I got old I shall do the same thing too, talking about stuffs and forgot about it the next day and repeat the same topic everyday. Hmm…

Anyway, to order, all I need to do was tick the menu, pass it to the waitress and then wait for the food.

Not to make myself looking awkward while waiting, I pretended to read the Chinese newspaper even though I was not good in Chinese words… nice pictures…

So what I had?

Okay, I didn’t know if the waitress had made a mistake or my Chinese words understanding had reached a sucky level, but I could swear that the upper right corner dish were beef meatballs. Maybe the name of the dish was too fancy that it misled me. Because of my respect for my grandma, I was not supposed to take beef. Well, since I accidentally took it, hope it was a real meatball and not part of the bull’s genitals.

Well, the dim sum was okay, still love the one in Malaysia though. Maybe the one here were customized to local taste. How much did it cost me? HKD155 and they said that dim sum was the cheapest meal of the day! Ouch, my wallet hurted!