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Sunday, August 16, 2009

“Small White Face” (小白脸)

Have you heard of the term “Small White Face (小白脸)” or a guy that “eat soft rice (吃软饭)”? “Small White Face” although literally translates as a guy with fair complexion, doesn’t actually mean so, else me (yes, I look fair, don’t believe? Date me! Ho ho) and this guy would be in the same category.

As for “eating soft rice”, it doesn’t mean eating porridge. So don’t go around pointing at guys having his nice porridge, saying “Aha! Eat soft rice!”.

It is actually a Chinese term, saying a guy that depends on his female partner for living. In Chinese perspective, it is always expected for the guy to be the financial support for his female partner. For any couple related events or activities, he is supposed to be the one footing the bill. So, if you see a guy coming out from a fashion store with the female partner paying for his clothes or after a romantic dinner, the guy just sat there while the female partner paid the bill, the chinese around might started to brand this guy as “small white face”. So, now you could see how hard it is to be a guy nowadays, so does that explain why some guys transform themselves into a girl?

As for me, call me old-fashion but I always stick to this gentleman rule. Although some times I asked a girl to treat me to a meal or movie, it always ends up I insisting on paying for them in the end. That’s why I look down on guys who borrow money from his girlfriend or have relationships that end up the girls got cheated off her money.

Lately, I stumbled on some scenes from “Sex and The City” (For guys who don’t know what series this is, it is definitely not porn!) where a highly-paid female lawyer was dating an ordinary bar tender, it triggered me to wonder what if my girlfriend earns a lot more than me and living in a more luxurious lifestyle that I could not afford. For example, a regular dinner for her would be around how much I spend for my meal in a month. If we ‘clicked’, I would eventually become “small white face” because of affordability since I always hope to get the best for my love one. It would then be a tough dilemma of dignity vs love.

So, in this world of gender equality, it is wrong to judge a guy without understanding the situation? What’s your opinion? Hope I would get stuck in such situation.

By the way, I still look down on guys borrowing money from girls.


ThinkING said...

You must have at least one of the following characterization to be "small white face":

1. Good looking like Jude Law or Keanu Reeve?
2. Good body like Vin Diesel?
3. As sexy as Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp?
4. As charming as Shia Labeouf or Luios Koo?
5. Talented like Jay Chou?

None of it? Then no worry, the probability to "eat soft rice" ~0.05% !! haha... :p

AsX said...

Haha! Yoo hoo! I am not! But still hard to say :P...

Lion in the Jungle said...

but hor, i think you are putting those pic to scare ghost off your blog la..

renaye said...

i know some guys like to rely girls for money. i prefer to earn with my own brain and 10 fingers.

Adelene said...

How if you were deprived of money or having financial difficulty that you need money so badly, you dont ask but your gf insist to borrow you? She might willing to help you without you paying her back, but of coz you wouldnt allow. So will you borrow? But of coz, from a third party's eyes...you were still borrowing right? so i guess it all depends on the situation. And yeah...it is inevitable that you might possibly end up getting a gf whois pay is much higher than yours and it is tough to decide what you can provide her..you want to give her all the good things but you are not afford, especially if everyday is restaurant food... so it is better if you let her knows sincerely that you cant give her the best in material before both getting further and see if she accepts the offer:)
reality is always mean ler..not like this is the first day we know it.:)