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Thursday, July 30, 2009

I Hate Promise Breaker!

I just realized that among my friends there is a promise breaker. Before that, I thought it was me that the person cancelled our appointment at the last minutes for a few times (Yeah, I thought I am not a nice person to hang out after work). However, this time it was work-related, and a few months of planning gone into waste. So, for sure I am pissed … but silently.

I guess the reason that I am so angry about this is because of my family. My father is a businessman, so every word he makes, he never breaks it. Breaking a promise is a very serious thing in business world. I am brought up in this condition, so I seldom make promises, usually use the word ‘maybe’ or ‘try’; however, when I make a promise, I do intend to keep it.

I remembered when I was in Form 3, I ended my friendship with a friend, after that person repeatedly cancelled the appointment at the last minute, each time promising would make it up to me during the next appointment. I guess I did a childish decision that time. But at that time I was sure that people who never kept their words did not worth it to get to know them.

Now, I am re-experiencing the same situation. So, in order not to make a harsh decision, I went researching on what I should do next and I bumped into a site where you teach you have to deal with such friends. The suggestion was … “You could abandon the friend and the friendship!”

Since I did that 12 years ago, I guess I would just lower my expectation on such friend, maybe try my best to stay a distance from this kind of person. Don’t think I would even talk about this with such friend.

Do you think that I am over-reacting? What’s your comment? But I am feeling much better after vomiting all my disappointment out… Thanks for reading. J


dreckker said...

simik taichi...???

dreckker said...

is that why you haf not been updating the blog???

AsX said...

Nah, nothing lar. Dun wanna talk about it. Didn't update the blog because work wise, too busy.

mello said...

No I don't think you're overreacting. Do as to others as others would do unto you. I think you're reacting perfectly normal. And for the record, I hate people who break their promises too. It's just a reflection on how flimsy their character is.

Lion in the Jungle said...

ok la sayang sayang, let's cook the bugger!