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Monday, September 28, 2009

Hong Kong Travel: Super Tuition Teachers

One thing I find amusing in Hong Kong were these big banners or expensive advertisement, which were in front of big buildings,

or busses.

At first, I thought it was a pop group or some sort of new uprising superstars but when I studied the advertisement, they were all tuition teachers! It seemed that tuition teachers were packaged like superstars or idols in Hong Kong!

Even the newspaper advertisement was designed, staring a tuition teacher that looked like a celebrity!

The advertisement in TV was also quite amusing! Tuition teachers seemed like superheroes that save the day, helping students scoring As! So, superman or batman, try to beat that!

What happen to the usual celebrity or superstars that I have seen on tv? Are they not as famous as these teachers? Never know that teacher could be packaged like an idol or celebrity.. hmmm…

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crazy-jo said...

at hk is like that, they want do it like professional, just only can attract student. may be some student go there bcos of that teacher handsome or pretty.. u said at ther even a door man salary high than u, bt the food or rent or transport price also expensive than malaysia. haha..