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Sunday, November 30, 2008

B-Suite Hotel: Studio Suite

Have u guys ever checked into B-Suite Hotel before?

“B” should stand for Business. At first, I thought it stand for lower quality (else they would call it A-Suite Hotel right?), but I was pretty impressed with the Studio Suite which only cost RM135nett for now; and with my corporate discount rate I only need to pay less than that.

On check-in, I realized that the Studio Suite is pretty spacious. It could easily occupy 8 people plus 2 Mahjong Tables!

The space in between the bed and tv makes my tv remote looks so small. I still don’t understand why they placed the chair in this way, for me to stare at the door?

There’s a safety box big enough for me to store my laptop, charger, battery, keyboard… (okay it’s quite big)

The bathroom looks simple but NO BATHTUB! It seems the hotel management dislike people swimming or diving or snorkeling because there is also no swimming pool around!

Although the hotel does not provide breakfast, but they do provide sachets of pre-mix coffee and tea; as well as 2 mugs and a kettle. This means I could make coffee and cook Maggie Mee! Yeah! Maybe I could use it as mini-steamboat next time.

Actually I had checked into 2 rooms for my visiting relatives, therefore I could compare the view from both rooms. Sorry for the blury photos... i think i need good camera next time.
The view from the room facing the sea is as such:

The view from the room facing inner Penang is as such:

Overall, it is a nice room with the price I am paying, hope they do provide breakfast next time. So who want to experience the Studio Suite with me in the future? Emmm.. okay that sounds wrong, forget it!


RealGunners said...

i'm just staying across the lane la... hehehe.. next time u get some pwetty gals to share to suite with u, be sure to inform me, we go yumcha XD

AsX said...

Let's see: Pretty girls and Me in a HOTEL room...... I guess we will be pretty BUSY for yumcha. Don't think this scenario will happen, Bro.

Harmony said...

The B suite looks very simple......

AsX said...

Ya, it is. I guess some people like simple yet spacious for themselves. Maybe my satisfied relatives are comparing to Genting First World Hotel where you have to reverse yourself before entering the toilet. :p

RealGunners said...

aramak.. so rush meh, can yumcha 1st, then continue BUSY ma.. hehehe

AsX said...

Gunner, always strike it while the iron is hot.... hmmmmm.. iron... not a bad decription of mine :P