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Monday, November 24, 2008

Cafeteria Job Names

Just now I was at my workplace cafeteria, taking a cup of coffee (Yeah, I work pretty late). I somehow ended up sipping my coffee and studying the organization chart of our main cafeteria operator – Meng Catering.

It made me really puzzled.

Isn’t dishwasher something like this….

Or like this …

Since when it is like this?

And isn’t server something like this….

Or this….

Is this person related to IBM or what?

I think I better have my English double check. Maybe i should call the lady that handles laundry as Washing Machine!


JC said...

hahaha! cute one!

AsX said...

Yeah, we have a pretty cute cafeteria operator.... Dunno when he will get sued..

acura said...

Washing machine sounds cool

just apple said...

lol it's more systematic nowadays perhaps! XD

AsX said...

acura, I guess so, imagine this scenario.
A:"What does your mother works as?"
B:"Washing Machine"

apple, yeah, next we would need some oven, vaccumm cleaner, and mop!