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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

India Caste or Class System

This is shocking to me because I don’t understand why this is still in practice in India. It happened under my nose and I don’t really see it until my Bangalore friends told me about it. Geez!

Have you guys heard of the Caste or Class system? For those who have not heard of it, it is a system where human being is being ranked among each other. So your life depends on which family you are born to. If you are from a high-ranking family, you will be doing those high-paid and respectful jobs.

In other way round, if you are from those low-ranking family, you life will be more miserable with the limited job options to choose from. In other words, you will be known as slave in the society.

I am very sad knowing this fact. It seems like there is no future if you are being born wrongly. Everything seems to be determined at the moment you are born. There is no hope, nothing to struggle for and nothing to lose from. Life seems like has no purpose or objective at all!

Here is an illustration on how this thing is being practiced in India. Click it for clearer understanding!

Maybe this is a normal thing in India, but we touched this topic when my Bangalore friend told me that he is engaged. Apparently he managed to find a girl that is same caste or class as him and so he will get married soon. The marriage procedure as according to him is like:

  1. Find a guy/girl of the same caste or class
  2. Get to know him/her (Probation Period) within a certain period. In other words, they are considered as engaged!
  3. Get married… yeah?

Step 2 always link to Step 3 because if you found a guy or girl, it is very hard or almost impossible to undo this fixed relationship! In other words, point of NO RETURN!

So in other words, marriage in India does not happen because of love. It happens because it is part of life or a need. In other words, if you fall for someone, it is impossible you end up happily ever after with that person (the odds are 1 to thousands!).

Sound like my condition, I can’t fall for someone whose plan is to root in West Malaysia since my final objective is set up a family in Sarawak. If some chemistry happens, I would need to just suffer alone and keep quiet… Damn I feel so like an Indian from India.


RealGunners said...

poor thing.. u better isolate yourself so that u can't know any girls... hahahaha

AsX said...

Damn... let's aim for guys then :p

Lion in the Jungle said...

you funny la gay-boy.. try to you-tube for Vidur kapur he can be your idol...