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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Eastern and Oriental (E&O) Hotel: “The Ideal Executive Lunch” Buffet

As celebration for the success of my company sporting event, the organizing committee decided to go to Eastern and Oriental (E&O) Hotel for “The Ideal Executive Lunch” Buffet.

I never set foot on this particular hotel because of its ancient but luxurious design. My mindset was that this hotel is for the rich and famous, and I’m the opposite – STUPID (Single, Tasteless, Unknown, Poor, Imperfect & Dumb).

To my shocking, my RM 42.00 ++ worth more than just a cup of expensive coffee in E&O - The buffet worth every cents!

Just looking at the varieties, you would forget how to spell ‘diet’! (Yeah, I spelt it as E-A-T instead).

Among them these is what I love, fresh salmon with wasabi,


cooked salmon,


oysters and seafoods.

Guess what’s this? This is the ingredients to make Char Kuey Tiaw. The best thing was that you could request the chef to put extra prawns and extra clams!

If David Copperfield could vanish Statue of Liberty within seconds, me too….

for my food….

For dessert, there are lots of option too!

There are yummy chocolate fountain and marshmallows….

…and a corner for local dessert 'Ais Kacang' or 'Cendol' as well as coffee.

So, keep fit? Nah.. keep fat!

As for environment, you could opt for air-conditioned hall

or sea-breezed and smoking-permitted sea view seating.

So who want to join me for another round?

For your information:

The Ideal Executive Lunch (Mondays – Saturdays)

12.00 noon – 2.45 pm

RM 42.00 ++ (adult) / RM 21.00 ++ (child)


just apple said...

omg i want to try it out! btw thanks for nang me...:D yummy~

AsX said...

Being a student is good, u can try at any time any day. Thx for visiting ;)

munytang said...

good stuff... if now they only start offering free flow of drinks.... for Sunday brunches.... for maybe an additional Rm30? kekeke

RealGunners said...

wtf?? last thursday, my mgr treat us Gurney Hotel buffet for appreciation lunch.. 46 per pax, and it doesnt look half as good as your E&O..

ironically, last week i was having 1 full week training at Wisma MOIS just across the road..

AsX said...

munytang, gee that should sound nice, isn't it.... let's go propose...

gunners, i know you are food-driven person, let's go....for my second trip.

Lion in the Jungle said...

ok next time i come penang you bring me la

AsX said...

Okay, thanks for treating me.... Shall we visit the 'haunted' hotel again?

dreckker said...

I WANT!!!!!!!

AsX said...

Let's gooooo.......

Anyway, remember to plan my return.

dreckker said...

errr... okay... planning to get you drunk, dance naked in the T1 cage, and sleep naked in front of E*e*i*e... hehehehehe....

AsX said...

ok for the drunk part, okay for u getting naked part too.. hehhehe