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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Westernized vs Normal Chinese Wedding Dinner

It was a rare but auspicious occasions where my 2 colleagues were having 2 different weddings at 2 different places at same evening.

Earlier that day I realized that I did not have suitable red packets so I when to Living Cabin of Queensbay Jusco to get one.

I am very particular about red packets because for some no matter what was written on it as long as it is red, it is considered suitable for the occasion – Red Packets with the words “恭喜发财” or Gong Xi Fatt Chai which was meant for Chinese New Year or “生意兴荣” which meant Prosperous Business (Maybe for some they think wedding is a business…who knows).

Anyway, I am quite satisfied with the red packet I bought.

The first wedding I attended began at 5pm. It was a Westernized Chinese wedding which was at a historical monument – Fort Cornwallis.

So apart from the wedding you could enjoy and explore the ancient fort. It was the first time in my life that I attended such a wedding.

Since this fort sort of belonged to Francis Light, I too paid my respect to him.

….and his gun (hopefully it was his).

For those who didn’t know Francis Light, no he was not related to Marlboro Light, Salem Light or Dunhill Light…

Anyway, since the wedding was garden-themed, weather played an important role; so it seemed the sky was blessing these couples too!

(Below: Don’t think those who sat at the table with the cannon pointing at would be enjoying their food.)

(Below: “Now who has the big gun now…Ho ho ho!” )

The downside of this kind of wedding is Malaysia humidity could kill overdressed people. But good thing was the food was buffet-themed and same as for the wine and alcohol.

As for entertainment, there were professionals playing music at a mini stage.

Next it was time to travel from Penang Island to Mainland for another wedding dinner.

The wedding dinner was held at a restaurant called Golden Phoenix Seafood Restaurant.

A typical Chinese wedding dinner is where families, relatives, friends and colleagues gathered together sitting in pre-designated tables while being served usually 8 course meals. So surrounding me, there were lots…..

…. and lots ….

….and lots of people….

As for the meals, the food is usually prepared to suit 10-people-portion per table. So, if you are really hungry or really like the food, you have to fight for it. As for foods that everyone likes, it would be gone within minutes!

At some point of the time, you could see newspaper vendor selling newspapers in the restaurant. So don’t be surprise if you see someone reading the newspaper and not paying attention to the dinner.

As for alcohol, you will be served by girls which known as beer ladies. They would auto-refill your glass of beer even if you only took a small sip.

As for entertainment, it was usually a karaoke session by karaoke lovers that usually sing some old love songs for the newly-wed couples. But for this particular wedding dinner, I still don’t understand why people kept singing sad songs or motivational songs! Luckily no one is singing the national anthem. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m very patriotic, just that I don’t think I could enjoy my food when standing still as a sign of salute for my country.)

The good thing of Chinese wedding dinner is that the bride and groom would visit every table to raise their glasses of drinks as to thank those who attended and cheer for the occasion.

It is always a happy sight!

For this particular wedding, the dessert was pretty special – Ice-cream!


munytang said...

din know you can do a garden wedding in fort cornwallis, pretty special. As for the 'traditional' chinese type wedding, not my cup of tea... but it's in our blood.... what to do... all the uncle singing and all the unnecessary shouting kinda puts me off.

AsX said...

Ya, i agree with you, younger generation likes Wedding dinner that are more westernized, less 'pasar malam' type of shouting, no people fighting over the microphones or shameless singing awfully on the stage, and atmosphere wise it would be a bit grand but flexible and natural at the same time... so planning to book Fort Cornwallis next time?

munytang said...

unlikely dude, not the ceremonious type. if i get hitched, will go on a trip better. :)

AsX said...

Hmmm, don't think your parents would allow that... i guess your wife's family would not allow you to do so too... as you know, Chinese loves following our own tradition....

Lion in the Jungle said...

dude you should see the dilemma if Chinese Christians are having their church matrimony. They be confuse to throw or not to throw rice when the bride n groom march out the church!

The priest will say "Hey that's the routine."

The parents will scream "You dont waste the food like that!!"

AsX said...

Hey, where i heard that from? Must be from your indian friend who is now in US.

Lion in the Jungle said...

That's a modified version of Russell Peter's joke la bro...