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Saturday, November 22, 2008

BBQ Night!

*Please understand that this blog will change anytime if my colleagues object to what I have written here or they prefer protecting their identities*

It had been a stressful week, so last month some of our close colleagues decided to have a BBQ Night to cure our stress! This is usually our tradition where we have fun together while trying to keep our mind off work.

We were pretty skillful setting up fire at our BBQ trolley. We have pretty good inferno within seconds!

With the help of fan of course!

As for the food, we had the best BBQ chicken, we called it YS Chicken! BBQed by YS herself !

The recipe was Super Top Secret!

It was so nice that we marinated someone’s hand also! Guess that person didn’t like it.

We had spaghetti prepared by E (Actually it was by a couple both with initial 'MC' and since E=MC², so that’s why). The paste was delicious! So we finished up the paste and the last person had to finish up the spaghetti with Tomato Ketchup. Poor guy!

We had other foods too….

… and also some experimental food too (Prawn with alcohol and Prawn with Soft drinks, Yuck?)

It was a nice BBQ, so what’s next?

Booze time! Alcohol was a thing that will never run out! Bankai had lots of supplies!

I had bad experience with alcohol because I am not much of a drinker. Probably I will blog the consequences of me getting drunk one day….


RealGunners said...

hahahahaha i heard of E before :-D

AsX said...

Huh? Where? Where?

- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

fan? ahha. that's cheating ^^

bankai24 said...

Welcome to bankai's house of love....

dreckker said...

I think we should do a BBQ at Daniel's new house when you're back... agree?

AsX said...

irvine, Nah pouring kerosine is cheating. :P

bankai, Yeah man, house of love. I'm one of the giver ....wooohoo!

dreckker, Let's do it! Make sure you have the booze and a room!

Lion in the Jungle said...

AsX + Dreckker
When can that be? CNY?

AsX said...

Dude! I'm going home next week! Yeeeehaaa!