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Monday, November 10, 2008

Genting - The Pretties and Uglies

It was a rough week with many bad thing happening, both to my personal life and work stuff. I felt like wanted to hide from the world……
…or even to somewhere else where I could have a peaceful break somewhere like diving into a deep ocean.
But I don’t know have license to dive. So my next choice was somewhere that could offer excitement, entertainment, and stress- free – Genting, City of Entertainment!

I believe in Ying and Yang – The balance of Good and Bad of lucks. So it was the perfect place to try my luck.

Genting is a perfect place for everyone. There are places to baby-sit the children - Theme park (Morning Babysitter),

and when it comes to night time and Theme park closes,

there are game arcades as well as game equipment for kids.

As for adults, there is usually one place to go - Casino! And it is enough to keep them there for hours or even days!

Usually during weekends, there are lots of people trying to entertain themselves.

Although I am not a compulsive gambler but I too tried my luck in the casino, but my bad luck got worse. I contributed quite a sum of money into maintaining these machines.

One particular shop caught my attention during my first glimpse at the name – I though it was an ‘entertainment place’ for woman; but I was wrong, it was “Grgtoo” not “Gigolo”.

The ugly side of Genting is that I lost my respect to the elders who I always treat them with respect. Usually when you are in a bus going up Genting, you see their faces full of excitement and happiness; but when you took the bus going down Genting with them. I could hear them scolding all sort of foul languages that I could not find in your foul language dictionary.

As for compulsive gambler that brought their family to Genting, it was really a sad sight to see people left aside their family while they are trying to score some luck in the casino.

It is not rare to see gambler breaking down because losing everything they got.

(Below: Looks like me, sound like me, but I’m not saying anymore until experts study the photo)

So, for everyone out there, please, please, please gamble responsibly.


justin_5 said...

the picture of the kid looking in the casino really funny lah! Hohoho!!! Hahaha!!

The mum there standing:Argh!! Soo bad mood..if my son try to pull some stunt imma scold him kaw kaw!

The boy there:Why daddy go in there i cant go a..haizz..

AsX said...

Yeah, poor kid. Trying to entertain himself while dad is having fun. As for the mum, i think she is thinking thousand of words to scold her hubby when he comes out... if he ever come out :P

Lion in the Jungle said...

eh cipet.. if you dunno what others are swearing goto www.insultmonger.com tonnes of them there.. :p

AsX said...

Lion, no not that, it is like it doesn't make sense. It is like scolding a girl with guys stuff as if she has.... you get me?

dreckker said...

wtf... went genting again mehh?? how much moolah you donated this time dude???

AsX said...

At most 3k Rupee only.. dun worry... still can treat u beer :P..

renaye said...

to be frank, i have not been inside genting casino. the last time i tried entering, i got stopped by the female officer.

dreckker said...

ehhh... RM200++ only lah... one more OT claim and you're even...

AsX said...

Renaye, aiks you are that young? I have been browsing your blog and still can't find your age. Or any info, i guess ur colleagues are really good when they manage to know who u r.

Dreckker, all you need to do is treat me beer when i go back to Kuching this Dec..hohoho