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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Over-selling Promotional Video

I saw this promotional video when I was waiting for my flight to Kuching last Friday. I didn’t pay attention at the wordings below; just mesmerized by the places it showed. I was shocked when I saw the place it was promoting! (Enjoy the video).

Yup! Penang! The production company really did a good job! First, I could not even recognize that it was Penang and secondly it seemed like over-selling Penang! I for once want to be in those particular places inside the video, but not at the real place.


Sorry for the big reaction, but I think they overdid the video. Look at the water at Batu Ferringi, since when it was blue in color?  Look at the street, since when it was so clean? In additional, some of these places even the local Penangites had not heard of!


I bet this video attracted lots of disappointed tourists, but it was one hell of a video!

Anyway, it reminds me of those Wrestling Action where they always oversell things to the extreme!


YouKnowWho.. said...

yup.. the video is superb..
but is like 30% true..
Cheers to Ah Eng Kor.. for able to use this to lure foreigners! Haha!

bankai24 said...

WWE LADDER MATCH IS NOT OVERSOLD!!!!!! IT'S THE SHIT. Well...8 years ago.....itwas the shit...it's worth every penny to watch it.

Cathrane said...

I Love Penang!

AsX said...

YouKnowWho -> Yeah, really, it makes me feel like visiting Penang while i am now in Penang.

Bankai24 -> I bet u love Qigong! Especially when the ppl fell down for no logical reason.

Cathrane -> Not Butterworth?