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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

1am at Melbourne Airport

Melbourne Airport name, Tullamarine really sounds like what I called one of my friend, Irene, who easily gets angry – ‘Tulan Irene’. (Tulan in Hokkien means angry, but it is not a polite word).

My family and I arrived Tullamarine Airport at 1am. Since the car rental office opened at 5.30am, we initially planned to sleep in the airport with our luggage as our pillow or bolster.

However 1am Australia time was actually 10pm Malaysia time, so I went exploring the airport instead. I seemed like living in the movie “ I am legend”, there was no one around at all.

After exploring for a while, a strange sound caught my ear. It was a pig snorting sound followed by bird whistling sound and it kept repeating. I traced the sound, and found out that it was just someone snoring loudly.

I realized that Satan or the god of hell was actually doing luggage service in this airport.

While Nando’s Australia was teaching the children something they will need in future. By the way, giving the bird means giving the finger, if you don’t get me. Check here for more information.

One good thing about Melbourne Airport was that there was a Porsche on display. Still didn’t know whether it was tax free or not.


dreckker said...

ehh... so what did you bought back for me ahh?????????

AsX said...

Emmm... let me check ah... nothing! Feel free to come to Penang to spank me....ho ho ho!

dreckker said...


coolku said...

LOL.. really funny name, Tullamarine. the first though of me reading this word also 'tulan'.

Cathrane said...

I also wan go aus!!!

AsX said...

coolku, there was some more interesting names in Australia that i would be publishing in my coming blog.

Cath, I also wanna go UK!