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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Driving From Melbourne to Adelaide (A Glimpse at Australia & Australian)

My dad rented a Toyota Tarago (or in Malaysia it is called Toyota Estima) for our trip. This was our only transport for the next 7 days.
So, with merely 2 hours of sleep, we started our journey from Melbourne to Adelaide with the help of a GPS navigation device. It took us a while to get familiar with the GPS system and we took some wrong turns initially. After a few scolding (at the GPS system), we finally learnt to use it.
There was nothing much along the highway. There were trees, wheat fields, bushes, mountains and sand. These kept on repeating and repeating and repeating…. Zzzzzz

Australians do observe the rule pretty well. They obey the speed limits and never once exceeding them; usually only those non-Australians fly along all roads and highways. I heard that unlike some countries, Australia police are not ‘coffee lovers’, there is no way you could treat them some money for coffee if you are caught speeding. And if you do, they would probably spend the night with them behind bars.

We past by a few small towns which looked like abandoned, maybe because I was too get used to the life in a developing country that when I find a nicely developed town in a rural area with almost no people around, I thought that they were haunted. I guess this is what they called stress-free or relaxing country life.

So, we drove from Melbourne, past through Ballarat, Ararat, Horsham and then to a town called Bordertown. It was a town at South Australia state, near to Victoria state border. One interesting about this town was they convert a gaol or small prison cell to toilet. Finally there was a chance for me to experience peeing in a prison cell.

From 6am, traveling around 700km journey, we finally reached Adelaide at around 4pm. Gee, a tiring but enjoying first day!


RealGunners said...

crap.. that's like.. driving from penang to jb...

AsX said...

Ya, correct.. and somemore obeying the speed limit... Not like in Malaysia where there seems to be 10% extra buffer in speed limit.