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Monday, September 8, 2008

Advertisements in India

Counting down to Malaysia, 4 days left till I board an 11pm flight from Bangalore to Singapore. It will be a tiring journey home because I will be stuck in Singapore Changi Airport for about 10 hours before my 4pm flight to Penang. Hope there is no changes in schedule. If there is, then I wish to sit in first class! He he!

Some Indian TV advertisements are really creative but some I really don’t get it. To make it worse, those that I don’t get it were usually in English! For example, you watch an advertisement and the girl did something and it ended there without saying what product it was advertising. Some even advertised a man running for no apparent reason then the advertisement show a lady product in the end! Maybe it was cheaper getting a male model as compared to a female model. But if this was the case then I could come up with my own advertisement:

Anyway, there are 3 Indian advertisements that I think worth sharing:

Moto-Yuva Phone funny advertisement

Virgin Mobile Cheeky plan advertisement

Embarrassing Condom Ringtone advertisement

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