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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bangalore King of The Street

Today is a public holiday for India - Ganesha Chaturthi or Ganesha Festival which is a day on which Lord Ganesha, the son of Shiva and Parvati, is believed to bestow his presence on earth for all his devotees. In India, almost every shop kept the statue of Lord Ganesha, a god with elephant head and human body, because it is worshipped as the supreme god of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune.

Frustrated with my internet connection over here because of the never ending power cut, I went strolling around again, took some photos and explored some streets that I had never been to.

In Malaysia, when you are walking around, one thing you have to beware of is the street stray dogs. They growl, bark and chase you around whenever you are in their territory. In Bangalore, it is a different case, they just don’t bother you. They are really tame, don’t fight with other dogs and just stay silence doing their stuff.

Know why? Because stray dog is no longer the king of the street. So who is the boss of 4 legged street creature?

Yup, cow! Similar to Malaysia dogs, they eat rubbish,

lay around the street,

and pose nicely with their horns.

Cows are considered holy creatures in India, so they are free to roam around the city. I bet any dog that touches them will become hot dog or maybe as ‘chicken’ in any burger….

Oh ya, the King of wall in Bangalore is no longer lizard too!


- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

lol pretty messed up town.

Malaysia wild dogs are pretty tame! Coz dog eaters are the king of the street now +S

AsX said...

Is it? Let's go for Dog-Kut-teh next time!