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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Taj Residency Hotel, Bangalore

Tomorrow will be my last day in Bangalore. Tonight is packing night. I will be missing the life here after getting used to having a driver bringing me around and people cleaning the mess in my room everyday. But looking at the bright side, one more day and I could resume my life in Penang, eating foods that I love, breathing in fresher air and do not have to put up with honking and tipping culture.

I realize that I have not blog about my hotel. I guess it is the right time since I will be leaving tomorrow morning. I don’t think anyone will come and disturb me tonight after all the complains I wrote.

Taj Residency Bangalore is certainly a 5 star hotel. The room is spacious and comfortable as shown on my previous blog and I love the fruit and cookies they serve everyday. Everytime when I call up the front desk or any service desks; I don’t need to identify myself. They will refer me by my name and not by number. It’s a nice feeling actually when people seem to know me, although I can’t make any prank call to the front desk anymore, like this:

Me: (In man mixed with woman voice) Hi! I would like to order some food?
Receptionist: What food would you like to order,Sir. I mean Madam…. I emmm…May I know your name?
Me: It’s a Chinese name. I don’t know whether you know how to pronounce this but let me spell for you F-A-T-T and Y-E-W.
Receiptionist: F*ck you?

There are also some facilities in the hotel. The gymnasium is in the first floor where there are a lots of exercise equipment available.

To ensure everyone’s safety, there is a guard observing everyone’s move. Hope he is not enjoying watching.

If you get bored, there are lots of book around.

But you have to pay to own them.

If you want to cool down, there is swimming pool!

But my personal suggestion is if you don’t look good in swimsuit; don’t ever ever and ever swim there. It is surrounded by hotel restaurant and café, however I don’t think people will sue you if you indirectly cause them to lose their appetite.

If you love alcohol, there is a good bar called Ice Bar

and if you love Chinese food you can have Chef Happy Wong to cook for you. And he is a Malaysian.

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