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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bangalore Road Sign Advertising

It was a hectic morning as I was working all the way since I opened my eyes and slapped my alarm clock. I had something that need to be done by 12pm Penang time and usually when I have arrived the office; it is already around that time. So, I brought my laptop almost everywhere except the shower but including in the toilet. Some may wonder why I can’t work in my 1 hour cab ride? Well, I need real-time connection and it impossible to click and shake at the same time, not to say focus on the task; but blogging is easy, just let it flow out of my head to my hands.

In Bangalore, you can do anything with money, including buying advertisement at the road sign. Look at the ‘Danger’ sign below, people drive, they pay extra attention at the sign and know “APTECH”. Brilliant idea?

Hmm, how many accident have occurred because someone tried to jot down the number while driving? Hey who knows, it might be the advertisement that came first!

Anyway, sometimes this road sign – advertisement pairing strategy goes really wrong! Bangalore Traffic Police becomes your favorite shop!

Next time, when I am rich I would do this:

Or this

Or this

Hmm think of it, maybe there are ways to do effective advertising, like

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