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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Commercial Street in Bangalore

It’s my last weekend over here. So it’s time to go souvenir shopping. So, what Bangalore could offer which I could actually bring back to my friends, colleague and family in Malaysia. First thing in my mind is no food; don’t want to be responsible for bringing diarrhea back to Malaysia. Hey! That’s one of the ‘flavor’ of India… from my perspective.

So, it’s time to have a walk to Commercial Street which is regarded as Bangalore Shopping Paradise. And they are not kidding, it is huge! I was walking around every street for 3 hours and almost crawled back to my hotel.

First thing to note is that, there is one specific rule for people who ‘leak’ easily or have problem controlling their water in their body, or the sign is for the dogs...

There are lots of international brand shops and lots of international people. I was actually losing my count of Chinese I met!

Frankly, it is like Malaysia. You can find mosque…



a ‘Pasar’-like area that sell fruits,

and illegal DVD stores.

There are some interesting shops like Sex Specialist Pharmacy, which hopefully don’t sell the organs ( I don’t dare to visit)…

and a Singapore Plaza that is occupied by Indians and sell Indian goods.

There is also some exciting offer! Don’t know how they divide the shirt though.

For animal lovers you can see goats with very very strange ears, maybe the owner do some experiment with their ears using some sort of Indian Shampoo..

and you can see a horse which is used to carry stuff. I planned to take a photo with it but its ‘business’ is all over the place and trust me damn smelly!

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