10/18: Okay, my job caught up on me, need to work even on weekends. Well, let me continue blogging on my trip. Sorry guys!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Singapore Changi Airport - Two Thumbs Up!

Good news! I’m finally in Malaysia. Bad news! I’m now working on weekend.

Contrast to what I have said about Bangalore Airport, Singapore Changi Airport is what I regarded as the best one! I had not had my sleep for 24 hours when I arrived Singapore; but I still enjoyed my 10 hours in Changi Airport!

I arrived in Terminal 3 at around 6am and the whole terminal was almost empty.

Most of the time when passengers visit Changi Airport they would visit 3 VERY IMPORTANT places!

Alcohol and Tobacco Shop – All brands are duty free! To make it more exciting, you could go for a few round of alcohol testing, but as your face get more red by the alcohol, the sales-lady or promoters’ faces will become more red also!

Chocolates Shop – It’s duty free too! But remember that Singapore dollar of $100 could either get you a big trolley of chocolates or only a small pack of chocolates! I noticed that most of the buyers there are sort of bigger in size.

Perfume and Cosmetics Shop – Except of the promoter that kept following around, this shop offer a big range of perfumes! And you could even test all the perfumes – a good way for me to keep myself fresh after not bathing for 24 hours! Just remember that ‘Pour Homme’ is for guy and ‘Pour Femme’ is for female! Getting them wrong might make the wrong gender attracted to you!

There are some shops that are too luxurious for me, but some people will still be visiting them!

Anyway, with the time I had, I was not interested with these shop at all, I went visitngother places that I usually did not have the time to do so.

Movie Theatre – The movies are not the blockbuster types but a good way for you to switch off your brain and get entertained.

But if you do not like enclosed room, you can watch TV at some areas, or even have a cup of fresh coffee while enjoying the show

If the tv screen is too small just switch to a bigger screen tv.

If the screen is still too small for you, go and watch the window!

If you like music, there are music rooms where you could relax and enjoy some music. I actually saw a guy in tears while listening to Opera, and at first I thought he was a bit ‘cuckoo’!

There is MTV corner too!

For nature lover, there is a big butterfly garden with lots of butterfly. To attract them, the keeper uses slices of pineapple; but my body odor was scaring them away!

For game lovers, there are free game consoles - about 10 Play-Station 3 consoles loaded with different games;

10 XBox 360 consoles;

And a room with computers preloaded with many LAN or online games.

Sadly, I could not find any reason for not working because there was an area offering free internet with desktops and also tables for laptops to get connected to the internet.

For those who love to move around, you can camp inside the inter-terminal transit. The interval for subsequent transit is around 2 minutes, so meaning it is very frequent and on-time too!

If you have 5 hours extra to spare, you could go on a tour around Singapore, just visit Singapore Visitor Center, register your name and then go and explore! When no passenger was around, you could hear them chatting loudly on office politics topic or should I say Airport politic topic. They should look around more when engaging in these conversation. Now I know which pilot was dating with which air-steward! Ho ho ho! Yup, I repeat – Pilot is a guy, air-steward is a guy also! Or should replace 'is' to 'was'?

Anyway, the saddest thing for me was not leaving Bangalore, but leaving Changi Airport!


Lion in the Jungle said...

Welcome back my friend!

AsX said...

Yo, nice to be back....

QuaChee said...

i didnt know there were so much more in changi. cool! and the 'bigger in size' customers.. that was my first time hearing it haha.