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Friday, September 5, 2008

India vs Malaysia Currency Notes

It’s Friday! Hopefully this week I could go somewhere without having to worry about my work. It seems like the last chance for me to do souvenir shopping; but the same question has arisen since the first day I have arrived Bangalore, what to buy? Let that be my tomorrow’s worries….

One of my friends who has just come back from vacation in India reminded me to blog about their currency notes. Unlike Malaysia Currency Note, India one is really an expression of art, an identity of an Indian, guidance for the lost as well as a tally of significant numbers. Don’t get what I mean? Let me pull out some notes from my wallet. Oh ya, all their currency notes have this distinctive Masala-Curry mixed with sweat smell… really yucky. Don’t ever try eating anything with your wallet besides you.

An Expression of Art
When you feel angry or happy or sad and want to express yourself, just pull out a clean note and draw. Oh ya, you can use it to test your pen ink too!

A Tally of Significant Numbers
When you don’t have calculator with you, and you have problem calculating with your heads, why not just use a currency note to help you.

An identity of an Indian
Want to compare signature with Indian Governor? Why not just compare it side by side?

Guidance for the lost
How to get to your place? Why not you just draw for me, here’s a hundred rupee for you… to draw on it.

Well, if you compare currency note of Malaysia and India, India one seem more recyclable and more reflecting onto the people; whereas in Malaysia there is a certain respect for the currency notes – some people don’t even accept notes with a few numbers written on it.

Anyhow, I still love my currency!

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