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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Most Embarrasing Meal in Bangalore

Lion pointed out that if all I ate was hotel food, sure everything would be more expensive. So, setting aside the local stalls that I was informed of 80% chance of getting diarrhea, let me blog about one time where i had the most embarrassing meal in Bangalore.

One day I was craving for Italian food; so I went to a decent shop. The appearance looked like a café than a restaurant where some people dressed very casually.

So, I went in sit down and had a look at the menu, and lost my appetite straight! Everything was 3-digit rupee! I stared at the menu for a long while, trying to decide what to ordered. The menu was in Italian with small English description.

Trying not to look stupid, I looked at the soup category picked the cheapest one and same for pasta. For drinks I ordered Ice Lemon tea.

Lemon tea was the first to arrive. It tasted okay, but what I did not understand was how come there was a leaf over there. Maybe it was for decoration, a way to make the ice lemon tea less ‘lemon-tea looking’.

Next, the soup arrived. Together with it was a cake, or should I say looked like a cake, smell like a cake but did not taste like cake. The soup was good but a bit salty so I drank it with the cake-like thing, and still tasted salty.

Finishing the soup, it was time for my pasta. The restaurant was called Spaghetti Kitchen – The Italian way. So I was really eager to taste how good the pasta would be. Even took a photo of myself while waiting for the main course.

When the waiter placed down my pasta, I was shocked!

5 dumplings in butter sauce? Trying to make it worth every rupee I was chewing as long as I could for each dumpling. But I was still hungry, so I asked for the menu again. Then I realized that the Pasta and Soup were actually under the same ‘Starter’ category. Did not want to show that I ordered the food wrongly, I ordered Tiramisu, hoping at least the cake could fill my almost empty stomach.

And what I got? A cup of chocolate and coffee flavored whipped cream!

As for the bill, I better not to talk about it….


- i.r.v.i.n.e - said...

the food definitely doesnt looks delicious to me. was it good? lol

AsX said...

Hmmm, whatever that don't fill my stomach instantly don't taste good. My wallet is starving to death also.

Cathrane said...

The Tiramisu looks not bad ma. hehe. How was the taste?

AsX said...

Sweet and creamy! But not filling! :(