10/18: Okay, my job caught up on me, need to work even on weekends. Well, let me continue blogging on my trip. Sorry guys!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Coffee, Cookies and Fruits

Another day and I feel so helpless, I seem could not do my task in Penang, always need someone to help out; and it’s Sunday, so I don’t expect anyone around. I realize why I am so homesick; the reason is that during weekend I would usually go back to the office to finish up my task; because working is the reason I end up in Penang, so it is always in my mind to fulfill this objective. Thus, building up the pressure to complete my tasks.

Okay, don’t talk work; it is not the intention of this blog.

One thing that I love about my hotel is that there is Fresh Coffee Press for me to make good coffee by press and a fresh supply of cookies. So salute to the fresh cup of coffee that calm me down everyday…

…. and cookies to make me fat (look at it, they are king sized cookies with choco-chips and almond)!

I also get fresh supplies of fruits – an orange, an apple, and 2 bananas. But lately there is something wrong with the guy who sends in and arranges the fruit everyday. Hopefully, I am just oversensitive, but there is something weird with the arrangement lately. Hope it is nothing to do with my feedback when he asked me last time – I said I love the bananas (because the apple and orange seem not so ripe).

Oh ya, special thanks to my close pilot friend (the one who had diarrhea for 3 days after visiting New Dehli) for teaching me to make coffee by press and sending me a set of Fresh Coffee Press with coffee from Australia as a gift last time.


RealGunners said...

weird meh? the fruits looks fine to me XD

asx said...

I guess u and that guy could be good 'friend', why not come and visit me and i introduce both of u.

JasJos said...

Wah lau... Secret Identity. Everyone knows who u are lar. I guess blogging runs in your family. Kekeke.... Anyway, No need to tip them lar. Your food will still take forever to come even if u tip them. They need 10 workers to cook u a meal and 2 waiters to bring u a set of cutlery. But don't blame me if u get poisoned. U want me to send u more coffee?

asx said...

Yo, u seem to understand the condition more. Yup, if I don't switch on the 'privacy' button, even the room service guy will ring me twice asking me whether i would like to re-tidy the room.

Hey, thx for the coffee! But nah, no need to send more. Hey, hope to meet u at Changi at 12 Sep, maybe for a cup of coffee?