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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Free Haircut

I planned to go to gym yesterday but when I reached my car I realized that I had forgotten to bring my gym bag along. Since I was too lazy to walk back to office looking embarrassed, I decided to go for a free hair cut at Quickcut, Queensbay Mall. The hair cut should be free because I had accumulated 4 stamps as required for the free haircutting.


Last time when I just came to Penang, I did not know of any barber or hairstylist in this island. Before then, I only had my hair styled at one particular shop in Kuching. It was a family shop where my father and brothers went there in groups for haircuts. Most of the time my hair was cut by a mentally unsounded man. Seriously! Just to correct your imagination, he was not as dangerous as this.


He was good, really good! Although once a while when he was cutting my hair, he tried to read something from the bible as if he was styling someone possessed by evil spirit; or related his swimming experience while scooping my hair; or sang a song happily while once a while clapping his hands. But it was nothing to get worried of, my hair was still in good shape, nothing compared to this:


So, back to not knowing any good hairstylist in Penang, I chose Quickcut because the stakeholder was a celebrity, an almost bald celebrity – Eric Tsang.


The funny thing was that I thought his baldness was a result of wrong hairstyling experiment. That was why he ‘erased’ his hairstyling error by balding them! So I thought he would be teaching his employees to follow his footstep and not trying new style on the customers before successfully trying it on themselves.


The problem with me was I am a very loyal person, when I set my eyes on one thing, I would not change my mind. Since my first experience was good because they were fast and met my expectation, I had never been to other places for haircut. As for hair style, I always stick to ‘Spiky’ although in Kuching they called it ‘Monkey Cut’ (Maybe monkeys in Kuching used this style) or ‘Gay Cut’ (Now you know why gay friend and gay-gay friend are attracted to me). 

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