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Thursday, February 19, 2009

5 More Interesting Things To Do when Stuck in Traffic Jam

I really hate traffic jam! If you read my previous entry, I really salute those who stuck in peak hour traffic jam everyday! My colleague, SK said that she fell asleep during the Penang Bridge jam yesterday, therefore she requested me to blog about what to do when your car is not moving.


From what I know, different people love to do different things in these conditions: some would blast the music loud and sing in the car, some would read the newspaper, some would try calling someone for a chat, and some would start messaging their friend through sms service. Guess what Cath usually do in a traffic jam? Watch drama on her laptop. So if you see her scolding or crying or laughing, she is not crazy (yet), most probably it is because of the drama she is watching! But if she is with her makeup kit and no laptop, probably she is going for a date J.


Ordinary ‘to do’ things have been blogged by others. Let me try to give a more creative suggestion on what you could do in a traffic jam:


1. Play around your reverse light

Try making the driver behind you more tension by turning on and off the reverse light. He might think that something has gone wrong with your car and for sure he will be paying attention at the reverse light for a while. But remember not to accidentally reverse your car into the car behind when the traffic clears up.


2. Step out of the car

Since the car is not moving, why not you step out of the car, and knock at the window of the driver beside you and have a chat with him. You could also go around checking your tires pressure, or just sit on the car enjoy your morning coffee! Remember not to lock yourself outside of your car!


Oh ya, you can try dancing on top of your car too!

3. ‘Helping’ Enemy Make Friends

If you dislike a particular someone, why not you put his or her numbers on a piece of paper and show it to the wrong type of the gender he or she attracted too. Ask them to call him or her at odd hours!


Hey! Maybe, this is why that guy kept calling me!


4. Song Dedication!

If there is a common radio station at your place. You could dedicate a song to the driver in front, leaving strange message like “WPA3312 driver, please do not dig your nose, it is disgusting!”.



5. Spread Rumours

Wind down your window, put your phone on your left and shouted loudyly “ What? Aliens is invading Malaysia?” Okay, this is just an example. Maybe you could try with someone famous or some famous place?


Okay, these are my ideas. Sorry for not making it more interesting because I don’t know why, I seem like not in the mood to do so. Dreckker might be calling me up for complain again.


By the way, there was a crane driver trying to transform his vehicle today but somehow the transformation got stuck and create massive traffic jam on the Penang Bridge this morning!


Lion in the Jungle said...

penang lang driving.. powerful! (ok don't kill me ar!!!)

Mrcoolku said...

That's funny, i like the 4th one.LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey, i just provide u topic to write in ur blog nia ma, sun bian can brain storm me what to do when jam....i like the 1st and the 4th one.. =p turn on ur radio next time, i will dedicate a song to the car infront me.. and the dedicator name:PHM1984.


AsX said...

Lion -> I am half of Penang lang already... how? how? Eh, can u blog about the time where u knock a firetruck?

Mrcoolku -> Feel free to practice it when u drive next time.

SK -> Luckily i am not driving on the bridge everyday.

Daisy said...

LOL I like the theme of your blog. And I always say to my colleagues, "there is LIFE outside work"

eMz said...

did anybody mention that camwhoring might be good too? XD

but then again, i think most people pick their noses when stuck in a bogey(pun intended). hee!

JoJo said...

Lol. This is so funny! Nice ideas. :P

AKui said...

about the crane truck got stucked while transforming.. i don't believed it.. until i saw this..

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

hmm.. must be a stupid Decepticon wrongly landed on Penang instead of other part of the world..

BlackPhantom said...

Nice photo...