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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Spooky Genting ( A Compilation of Eerie Stories and Rumors)

Since I am now not at Genting Highland anymore, and since my best friend, Lion also doesn’t know much about the some spooky rumors around that area, I have managed to compile some stories that might add to everyone’s knowledge. Please remember that this stories does not have any solid proof. Maybe someone out there could provide some insights on these stories.


Karak Highway

Let start from the bottom, the Karak Highways. There was a story going around for quite sometimes. Once a family was traveling along Karak Highway at night and just after the tunnel, their car suddenly broke down. The husband tried to start the car but failed and so he tried to fix. He went out, asking his wife to stay inside the car and locked it, because it was too dark. So, armed with a torch light and some tools, he opened the car hood and started fixing. The wife could not see the husband because the view was completely covered by the hood.

After a few minutes, there were banging on the roof of the car. The wife got scared but remembered her husband’s advice and did not go out. There were cars driving pass them initially slowing down but sped off when they came near to the vehicle. Sensing something amiss, the wife dialed for the police.

Soon, a patrol car came and stop a distance behind the car, shone light at her and tell her to run as fast as she could to the patrol car without look back. She followed their advice but out of curiosity, she looked back and she saw a Pontianak  (a local vampire) holding her husband's head and banging on the car. 

Not really sure, how truth this story was. I heard a few version of it but the content was about the same. Out of curiosity, I did some searching and realized that there were really lots of accidents around that place. At least one or two serious one per year, I remembered seeing some serious car crash when I traveled to Genting last time but strangely it was not reported in the newspaper. Here is some articles that I managed to dig out: The famous one in 1990, recent ones (June 4, 2008) and the most recent ones (Jan, 19 2009). There was even one accident with ghostly photos.


Genting Themepark

Words from the street which goes that if you stroll around the themepark at night, you could some times heard people screaming or some equipment might came to life for no apparent reason.


I heard that it was haunted by those who died while playing at the theme park. One accident I heard was that a long hair girl got her scalp ripped off when playing the Space Shot. Her hair somehow got stuck by the machine, and the velocity of the free fall killed her instantly. I also heard that there were some fatal accident on the Corkscrew and people mysteriously missing when they paddled into the old Shark mouth (heard that it was sealed off).  


In addition, one of my friends (after viewing my previous entry) told me that he saw children playing at the closed theme park at night!


So, I don’t know how true the haunting and accidents were, whether it was a good cover-up or just some stories to scare off some people but if anyone had some first hand experience, please do share.


Genting Hotels and Appartment

Ria Appartment (currently close)

This might be a coincidence but I heard many people fell sick after staying there. I got an anonymous email saying that one of the floors was totally sealed off and although no one was living at that floor, you could hear many people banging at the lift whenever your lift zoomed through that floor during midnight.


I did some research and it seemed that there were a lot of people experiencing seeing unusual figures or hearing unexplainable noise when staying at the apartment. There was also a history lesson on Ria Apartment and why the blocks were then renamed to Pahang and Selangor block.


Other Genting Hotels

There were lots of stories regarding some locked rooms and figures appearing out of nowhere and then jumped out from the windows. I heard that there were some suicides incidents because of gambling debts. That is why the windows of all rooms had been adjusted so that you could only open it slightly and enough to let the cold air in. Try typing “Genting Hotel Haunted” in your search engine and I bet there were lots of eerie happenings for you to read about.


One thing I was very sure was that if you requested changing room from the front desk, the staff would change it for you without asking anything. My friend tried it before, and this raised my curiosity to another level.


Genting Casino

Although there was no much reported incident regarding the casino but it was considered a place full of little ghost. I shall start another entry on some ways to win money in the casino which was practiced by my aunt. One of the methods was giving the little ghosts some candies. But still depends on your believing.


There was one incident reported in the newspaper about a granny reported missing from the casino but was found at a far far place later.



This is what I managed to compile from my reading some stories and hearing some first hand experience. It might not be true and just some rumor. Just in case I go missing after this entry is being published or this entry is suddenly removed. Then you guys could suspect what might happen to me or this entry. 


JustinKC said...

Ive heard about all the incident that happened in Genting before. It's spooky and scary man! better not to think about it.....hope ill wont be going to genting again.

vrempire said...

That picture is really really spooky. I'm just afraid that it might pop up from the screen. That children playing in the closed theme park also is really scary. I bet it just looked normal when you see it. Only when you are already inside the room and start thinking about it and then you know that it doesn't make any sense, then it will make you shiver. Goosebump dude..brrrr...

AsX said...

Justin, I guess the only attraction would be still the casino for me. Guess money is more important than ghost...

vrempire, ya, it is scary, hope it won't haunt my dreams tonight

foongpc said...

Hi, first time commenting here. I love ghost stories and your post really satisfied me! I believe about the ghosts in Ria Apartment as my friend had ghostly experiences there. I did not dare to stay there!

Karak Highway has so many fatal accidents it's not surprising the place is haunted. Although I don't know which one comes first - the accidents or the ghosts. But the pontianak story sounds a little unbelievable to me : )

I used to wander around the Theme park at night many years back, but have never bumped into anything scary. I do know people have died at the shark or whale's mouth that's why they sealed it off.

Maybe you should try staying at the Ria Apartments (now different name?) and blog about your experiences : )

AsX said...

Hi Foongpc, thx for dropping by. I guess Ria Apartment has ceased operation, meaning that people no longer able to rent that place. Heard that it was rented to the staff, so to experience that, maybe can try working there?

The story of pontianak has been going on for quite some times, doesn't sound believing but there should be something triggering such stories, right?

As for seing ghost, i don't think some people has such capablities, maybe as chinese said if you are in low spirit, maybe u could spot some figures. Do you have any friends with such capablity?

foongpc said...

Yes, I have a friend's mother who has such capabilities. Rest assured, I try to stay away from her as much as possible! You can read about it at my blog here

Nana Goldies said...

Hi! Just happen to stumble upon your blog through innit. I just came back from genting last week. (:

Just wanted to share with you regarding spooky genting stories that my dad encoutered (few years ago) at the genting casino (the one at first world plaza).

So yah, he was playing the machines all the way from morning til the wee hours and suddenly there's this "woman" sitted like 2 chairs away from him and she smelled soo bad. Dad told us that he find her extremely scary cause her face was soo pale and her hair was long (at waist) and all the way she did nothing but was scratching the machines and do some eerie body movements (as though she was perfoming ritual)and mumble things as if she was cursing it.

What weird was nobody else looked at her, find her weird or whatsoever or got disturbed by her very bad smell. Like as if only my dad saw her.

Not long, my dad went off cause he started to have eerie feelings. The same night, dad was "distured" by black shadows in his hotel. -.-

Trully scary experience! AHAH!

Education Ruined Me said...

I recently visited Genting, First World Hotel. Was very uncomfortable
in the sense that my heart pounded like anything, for every 2 steps I would walk or climb. Almost felt like a heart failure, perhaps lack of oxygen at 6000 feet, with so many people around. Well, I experienced the crowds, so could not figure out anything spooky. The stories here are very scary. Which are the Ria apartments?