10/18: Okay, my job caught up on me, need to work even on weekends. Well, let me continue blogging on my trip. Sorry guys!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dungeon Mode

Yesterday my boss’s boss had initiated ‘Dungeon mode’ for everyone in our group. ‘Dungeon Mode’ in our working environment means everyone will be locked inside a confined space where we would be working hard for a project that is prioritized as critical. This period would last for a few weeks, so starting Monday we would not be allowed to leave the building, except going home to sleep at night. Annual leave might be denied too. And all engineers were to only focus on that particular project and nothing else.


Now I am concerned on my May trip to Kuching as well as my time for blogging!


This was the first time my group having this kind of situation, because the project we were working on had reached a super critical stage. Far worse than the end of the world... for me... i think.


As for Dungeon mode, I guess the only way to counter it was initiating Prison Break…. I mean Dungeon Break!


julian said...

That sounds scary! Seems way overkill - if people really want to work hard they will, but not allowing people out of the building??

leechon said...


Mrcoolku said...

Have you tattoo the map of your office on your body? :)

bankai24 said...

Tipu lah.....where got such thing....you're gonna move everything to a CR338??? aaaaahahah

RealGunners said...

don't think you would wanna do the dungeon break thing? i think everyone wants to stay in for as much as they can, no?

Lion in the Jungle said...

Bro, in any case, good luck.. I know you need that..

Passer By said...

noooooooooob guy doing nooooooob job

AsX said...

julian -> Yeah, this is life working at an MNC company. Sigh...

leechon -> That's life here :(

Mrcoolku -> Haha! Nice one! Maybe my boss face to motivate me to work?

bankai24 -> Are you moving too?

Gunner -> Done it yesterday... i went to play volleyball.. hohoho

Lion -> Thanks Man!

Passer By -> And having noob fren too? :)