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Saturday, April 18, 2009

'Rain Man' @ Infinity Cyber Cafe, Sungai Dua

It was Friday lunch time and for the first time (last time was by accident) I decided to join my colleagues for their daily network gaming session at Infinity Cybercafé, Sungai Dua; because I was getting stressed up at work and I needed some fresh air.


It was just an ordinary cybercafé with lots of computer; 

and we were planning to play Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) against each other. 

That was when I saw a guy in a plastic raincoat inside the cybercafé. 

This was the second time I saw him. The first time was when he was using the computer while carrying an umbrella and still wearing a raincoat inside the cybercafé. At first I thought there was some leaking from the ceiling and the sky was dark and cloudy. But this time was different, it was bloody hot outside! 

I could not find a logical solution as why he was doing that. Maybe he was a superstar in disguise (Michael Jackson did wear mask when in public). Maybe he had just escaped from the hospital because of some awful infectious disease and he would like to prevent it from spreading to everyone. Maybe there was a hole on his head that could not be exposed to the air. Maybe he was trying to be a superhero in disguise (Who knows when he stripped off his raincoat, he became….emmm…. himself?)

But what I understood from my colleagues was that he visited the cybercafé regularly usually at noon and still with the raincoat on (just in case someone would like to get his autograph). I could not imagine that when it started to rain, what he would be wearing…. a diving suit together with an oxygen tank?


Anyway, he was walking around as though it was a normal thing. So the longer I stared at him, the more I felt that I was the abnormal one. I was feeling naked!


Mrcoolku said...

The hot weather is killing me yet he still wearing raincoat? ==!

Or maybe he wants to act the Windrunner hero in dota. lol

AsX said...

LOL.. maybe he already thought he is!

Anonymous said...

erm ... it ain't raincoat btw. He uses normal plastic bag cut on one side nia. And normally it'd b those big black ones ppl use to throw sampah.

Still, weird fellal palpatine fan mayb? ;p