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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Guy's Urinal Etiquette (Unwritten Rule)

For girls who never sneaked into male’s toilet, this is how guy’s urinal looks like. 

These things allow us to ease our liquid faster without the need to sit on a toilet bowl and pulling down our pants. Usually those shy guys would rather go to a toilet bowl to ease themselves without exposing any part of their… how to say.. manhood!


Usually there are some unwritten rules when using the urinal – Always stand straight and look at your front; never and ever look around. But I guess this only applies to Asian.


So what are these unwritten rules? If guys don’t know, please play the educational urinal game.


Basically, the written rule is that you should never use the urinal beside an occupied one if there are many others unoccupied ones around…. Or should I say if you are not planning to start a conversation with him. Yeah, I do chat with my boss on work stuff when I am ‘working’ on my pee. =p


But come on, if I don’t know you and there are other empty urinal around, please go to them. I always feel like the person who stand beside me:

  • Want to compete who complete the ‘shooting game’ faster (Over-competitive people do strange things)
  • Want to compete whose ‘gadget’ is bigger (If you really want to do that, just ask how big my underwear is. And it is XL!); or
  • Is gay and want to peek (If you are, why not you snap a photo of yours, magnify 100 times and frame it)!


Some guys need to remember that some people’s ‘devices’ would not function properly under watchful eyes! 


Anonymous said...

are you saying yours don't work under a 'watchful' eye?

AsX said...

I dunno, never try. But dun try ah! I'll spray you one!