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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Ghostly Pranks for April Fool's Day

It’s April fool’s Day and it’s also Qingming Festival (清明节), a time where Chinese would go to pray or pay respect to their ancestor at the cemetery. So, why not we have some ghostly pranks to fool everyone around? Actually I wanted to play these pranks but unfortunately I got too tied up with works and did not have time for preparation. Here are my suggestions:


1. Ghost of Japanese Soldiers

Gather a few friends and rent some old Japanese soldiers uniform. During midnight, march along a busy road with the person in front holding a big Japanese flag. Try to observe the traffic. 

If you see cars speeding away when they got close to you, that means your trick works. Who knows you might appear in front of the newspaper the next day! But remember to run away when accident occurs. Some drivers might get too shocked to drive.

2. Followed by Ghost

This prank could only be done at night, as late as possible. Tie a rope with one end to a white clothing and the other end to the back of your victim’s car. Make sure he does not spot it when he gets into his car. When he speed his car, the clothing will be lifted up. It will be like how you try to fly a kite. 

When the victim sees something white following him, sure he will scare of out hell. But the faster he drives his car, the higher the ‘ghost’ would be flying above.


3. Someone is talking

If you have a pair of walkie-talkies, turn it on and place it nearby a person who love to be alone or maybe under the seat of the victim’s car. When no one is around that victim, try to say something over the walkie-talkie like “I know what you did last Sunday” or better still, try screaming over the walkie-talkie. 

Maybe you can time how fast the victim gets out from there!


4. Hell Bank Notes

Slip some Hell Bank Notes into the victim’s wallet without his noticing. Then try to ask for some changes from the victim. The victim might freezes for a few seconds when he sees Hell Bank Notes inside his wallet. 

He might be thinking he had some ghostly encounters without his realization.


Have fun with these ideas! And let me know the outcome. Remember that it is not for the weak of heart!


By the way, here are some less exciting pranks (maybe lame):

  1. For girls only. Call your boyfriend, says that you are pregnant.
  2. Call your partner (husband or wife) and says you have an affair with someone else.
  3. Call your friend at 3am in the morning, remind him to go to the toilet.
  4. Tell your dining mate that has just finish his meal that you had removed a dead lizard or cochroach that was found in his meal when he was not looking at it
  5. Tell your colleague that his boss would like to see him regarding his retrenchment; and tell your colleague’s boss that your colleague would like to see him regarding his resignation. (Make sure you don’t get fired in the end)


Anonymous said...

What about this..
To gals: "I heard u got pregnant?"
and she will reply "Huh?!"
and u reply "heard from April Foo.."
On urself (for guys only): "I'm getting married.."
and that person will said "Huh?!" or "who is that lucky/unfortunate gal?"
u reply "will be marrying with April Foo.. i got her pregnant!"
Lame huh?! haha1

Dolanmin said...

For the 1st and 2nd, sorry la if I have a gun :P

Lion in the Jungle said...

The Japanese soldier one reminds me of my school last time, there's urban legends saying that my school used to be their jap HQ last time during WWII.

So there are 'sightings' rumours from the scouts n other uniform clubs saying all kinda funny funny things/paranormal activities about this matter... deja vu........

AsX said...

Anonymous -> did you have your fun with that?

Dolanmin -> Which gun?

Lion -> So which one more scary? Japanese Soldier ghost or japanese female ghost? =p