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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Something Wrong with the Water?

It was a usual lunch time yesterday. I always have my lunch in the café so that I could catch up with my work or have some shuteye before continue the second part of the day.


Suddenly I saw our site Managing Director escorting a group of VIPs to our café for lunch! I guess it must be because of the bad economy that business meal is not allowed anymore.


The VIP went to grab some food from the café and sat a few tables away. By then our site Managing Director has disappeared into our mini-mart and appeared with a few bottles of mineral water! He distributed the bottles to all VIPs!

Suddenly, it scared me! What’s wrong with the water in café? I had been drinking these water for 3 years! Does that means the water is cursed so that I would always be loyal to my company? Does that means I have some hidden disease waiting to be discovered by the doctors? Now I understand why my company is paying us RM70 each for every in-house body check. L

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