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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Queensbay Model Search (Female Session)

How come there were so many guys’ eyes wide open, staring at one location?


How come there were so many pretty girls queuing up to go on stage?


It was Queensbay Mall Model Search!

I accidentally stumbled upon this event when I was having my usual Sunday morning coffee at Starbuck Queensbay Mall. The morning session was for girls only and there were about 133 registered participants for the female category! I guess it was the only time guys could stare at girls with their mouths open without the girls feeling offended (Some guys had those stare that could make the girls felt like ‘being raped’!)


First, I would like to apologize for the blurry photo because it was pretty hard to take a good one. The organizing staffs seemed love to steal the limelight; 

and usually when I was aiming nicely a head suddenly popped up in front of my camera!


Since this was the preliminary round, you could see different kind of people trying to have a shot at fame, even those Godzilla look-alikes! 

Some girls didn’t know to do a proper cat walk, and ended up imitating Asimo; 

whereas some thought the stage was a sports field, jogging up and down.


I didn’t know whether my criteria of a model was too strict or my expectation was set too high, but for me I could only pick a few okay ones to qualify for next round. And I think Cath and Cannas would have a better shot at this. 


However, I managed to spot an Indian girl who I think could be the winner of this event. Sorry for not taking any photo of her because my camera phone was too mesmerized by her that it failed to function.


I left the place before the male session started, because I was not interested to watch at all. I might try to get better quality photos of the models from other camera man; and shall publish it tomorrow…. hopefully!


Neo said...

I missed this... in Queensbay? Would love to shoot those babes! :)

AsX said...

Neo -> Yeah, u should bring ur camera along. But shooting 133 participants would be pretty tiring!

Lion in the Jungle said...

some look like porkchop ler

AsX said...

Lion -> Yalar... i know your SAYANG is very hot lar! I bet u will beg me to remove this comment when thing goes wrong... *touch wood (not cursing you)*