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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Post April’s Fool Syndrome (My Apologies to My Victims)

Yesterday was April fool’s day; did everyone have fun fooling others? If yes, it is time to apologize. I have a list of apologies to voice out to my victims. I remembered the last time I said 10 Sorry was to a pretty special girl. Anyway, here i go:


1. I’m sorry that I taught your kid the ‘international sign’ language.


2. I’m sorry for putting salt instead of sugar in your morning coffee until u thought some lizards have sh*tted in your coffee.


3. I’m sorry for telling all the colleagues that you are gay, until the other real gay attracted to you.


4. I’m sorry for putting lizard inside your underwear until people have mistaken you groping your private part in broad day light.


5. I’m sorry that I have given your dog a ‘colorful’ fashion.


6. I’m sorry for telling your wife that you have an affair with your secretary until she went for another affair just to get even.


7. I’m sorry for poking holes on your condom and not informing you when you use it.


8. I’m sorry to tell you that I have fallen in love with you until you have very very bad nightmares.


9. I’m sorry that I made a false police report saying your male dog is gay. (click to enlarge the report)


10. I’m sorry for calling you a stupid f*cking bitch…. Hold on…  I mean that, I take back my apology!


Did I do the above stuff? Maybe yes, maybe no. Will I do that in the future, who knows… I might.


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