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Thursday, August 28, 2008

8 Reasons I'm Diarrhea-free

Good morning Bangalore. It has been raining heavily for the past few evening that I have decided to use my hotel laundry, I don’t know how much would that cost me but I know it would be super-expensive! Everywhere is flooding in Bangalore, so my car (+ driver) rental company is considerate enough to send a 4WD Chevrolet to pick me up.

There is a weighing machine in my room and it shows that my weight has increased by 1kg. When everyone complains of losing weight in Bangalore, I am gaining weight instead! Think of it, I never went for vaccination and I lost my appetite for food over here and the weight machine still increased the value!

This proves that:

  1. I am a dirty person, no food could stop me;
  2. Bangalore is a cleaner city, except for the rubbish everywhere, men peeing everywhere, cow eating rubbish, the poors sleeping at every corner of the sidewalks, some people don’t wash their hands when eating although they eat with their hands….;
  3. I have taken some steps to protect myself from getting sick and it is effective;
  4. I have been tipping up to Bangalore standard so no one is poisoning me;
  5. I am becoming more and more like a Bangalorean each day, I have started to follow their head shaking rhythm when I chat with them (Indians talk and shake their head at the same time. From my experience, if you try to maintain eye contact with them you will end up shaking your head following their rhythm. Then you will end up being dizzy…..Ya, I did.);
  6. Someone up there realizes that I have suffered enough, so immune me from all sickness;
  7. The viruses and diseases choose their target, obviously they don’t like me; and
  8. Homesick is the king of all sickness, it beats them all!

So, starting from last night, I started brushing my teeth with tap water and till now I am still okay!


Cathrane said...

Finally u use tap water.. da pao curry donuts for me. I wan lose weight..

"I am becoming more and more like a Bangalorean " .. but the skin color still fairer ma..

AsX said...

U sure it will work? Scare later u r addicted to mild-curry-flavoured donut.

Skin colour can change one, just use reverse Michael Jackson method