10/18: Okay, my job caught up on me, need to work even on weekends. Well, let me continue blogging on my trip. Sorry guys!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Breakfast & My Boring Day

It’s India Independence Day, or in short Indi-pendence Day. Sorry for taking a while to blog because I was not on any Taxi ride today, so trying to relax myself while as usual, try to work, but working remotely from Bangalore and connecting myself to Penang server is hard because the network is really slow, except for the emailing part.

I woke up at around 9am although I slept around 3am last night. The reason? Breakfast session close at 10am. So, food-driven me make it a must to attend.

Hotel breakfast is buffet themed. On working day, I would be having my breakfast at 7.30am because my driver usually arrives at 8am. There are cereals, meat, fruits and bun, but no rice! I started to miss the nasi lemak that I have almost every morning at the café of my working place.

The good thing about this breakfast is that I could customize the omelet I want, but I always choose it with onions, mushroom and ham. Maybe tomorrow I shall ask the chef to throw in whatever they have.

Till now, I still don’t dare to try the Indian foods at the breakfast buffet. Not that I don’t like them (Hey, I am a Malaysian, I eat everything….almost), it is that I am afraid that I would eat them wrongly and offend the Indians around me ( I still want to make it out of India in one piece.). Have you seen someone trying to eat rice mixing with butter? Ya, that is what I am afraid too. Trying to mix and eat the food wrongly!

Anyway, I had a bad headache today; maybe because I was staying in my room whole day – sleeping and working. I guess I am a boring guy because when I am in Penang, when I am free I will be in office. I guess I really don’t know how to enjoy myself. A guy doomed to be boring.


Cathrane said...

The breakfast look nicer then Penang one leh. Erm.. try on diff combination of Omelette lar. den tell me which combination is the best!!

asx said...

Nicer? Try having it everyday. But till now i still don't get bored of my morning nasi lemak. Maybe because cafe food no consistency one.

Different combination? I'll try. No promise i will end up well in the toilet.