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Monday, August 25, 2008

It's a bird, it's a plane, No! It's a beer! Kingfisher!

My working hour usually ended with my driver picking me up on time. Today my driver was still on time but strangely with a better car - Maruti Suzuki 'Dezire' .Hey it was not a bad car, really!

But driving at 40kph speed limit, every cool, luxurious and expensive car becomes a turtle.

(Above: Cath loves turtle, so this is for her)

One thing I love about India is the cheaper booze. I could actually go to any place that sells alcohol and pick whatever I want without looking at the price! Try doing that in Malaysia, and I bet you will end up drinking more alcohol to calm you down.

(Below: See? These only costed me 261 rupee, meaning about RM20+!)

Among these alcohol I bought, one is product of Bangalore. Yup, the one starting with King – Kingfisher beer! How come it is not Maharaja Beer like what McD does!

Kingfisher is actually a bird, although I don’t know the relation with the beer (Maybe this bird drink and fly!), Kingfisher beer brand really well-received throughout the world. Until the company goes into airline business and names the airline - Kingfisher! But I still like it be called Maharaja Plane or Aero-Maharaja, then you will feel like a king on the plane while getting high with Kingfisher beer!

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