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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Journey to Bangalore - Part 1: Bye Bye Malaysia!

My first blog (the previous one is just introduction) is about me saying ‘Goodbye!’. How ironic is it? Well, my company (which is in Penang) requires me to go to Bangalore, India for one month. Considering that I would be locking myself in my hotel room during my off-office hours (yeah, I am a super-anti social person), why not I blog about it?

So that’s why I started blogging. Anyway, I am in Bangalore now, just try to blog about my trip to Bangalore, starting from Penang International Airport.

Upon being molested by the immigration officer for carrying too many metals on my body, I am finally inside the inner site of the airport.

(Above: Yes, I have survived security check!)

Strangely, the boarding hall of the airport seems divided into 2 areas – the expensive area that serve those non-budget airlines where you could observe shops selling expensive liquors, chocolates, watches, and cigarettes; and the area that serve budget airlines where you could see handbags with strange names or no brands at all, locally made pastries with the brand name that sound related to each other (‘Cap Ayam’, ‘Cap Kelapa’, ‘Cap Kaki’ and etc; Maybe next time when I am marketing some pastries, I shall call it ‘Cap Goh Mei’), and some clothings.

(Below: Expensive areas with expensive shops)

(Below: Budgeted area with dim lights)

In the middle of these areas, there stood a VIP room (below).

So for my last meal in Malaysia, I took Nasi Lemak with a cup of cappuccino. Sadly it not only costed me RM17.90 but there was a hair in the coffee. And next I saw the staff washing the mop at the food basin! Geez.. no wonder my cappuccino tasted so yucky.

Sigh, I should have eaten at the budget area. The guy in the photo below seem enjoying it.

Although my company is going towards cost cutting measure, luckily i don't have to queue up to board a plane or need to queue up very very early to get in front so that i could get a good seat.

Well, the tunnel of no return. So long Malaysia! Next Stop, Singapore, my transit country.

Guess what i have for meal on Malaysia Airline? Stuff that i could get for less than RM10 in Penang! I missed the good old days where the meal on the plane is so classy!

Yawn! Okay, will be starting my work tomorrow. Let me continue this next time!

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