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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bangalore: I Hate Auto-Rickshaw!

It’s a beautiful day! Okay, this is not my usual saying. I was pretty tired and slept at around 9pm yesterday and work up at 6am. So, finally I have enough rest - 9 hours. Usually I slept for 6 hours maximum. So, when I have a good rest, I’ll be in a happy mood……well, until I got onto my cab and exposed to the honks and traffic! @#%^&*!

I received emails asking why I hate auto-rickshaw drivers so much. Actually during the first Sunday I arrived Bangalore, I went to get myself a local sim card to allow me making calls to my cab driver as well as dial in to conference. I walked around the area but could not find a single shop.

By the way, auto-rickshaw is considered as taxi in India. It looks like a motorcycle fitted into a yellow bird-cage where the driver is on one-side of the birdcage and passengers on the other side. Usually it could fit 2-3 passengers but I ever came across one which fitted more than that. I guess that passengers must be from circus background.

So, that day an auto-rickshaw driver approached me, asking where I would like to go. I stated my intention and he said that he would take me there. When I was on the auto-rickshaw, the driver told me that it was noon time and the shop would be closed for a while and so why not he brought me sight-seeing instead (Okay, it was my first day in Bangalore and I believed him). He ended up bringing me to 5 silk and craft emporiums, saying that all I need to do was pretending I was interested and I was from United States so that he could get some coupons to exchange for money. So I ended up wasting my time and being scolded by the shop owners for not buying anything.

(Below: Yup, this is the guy!)

After that, the auto-rickshaw driver finally brought me to a phone shop which was just a bit further away from my area; and collected 200 rupee as the fee.

So from that day onwards, I am not going to step into any auto-rickshaw.


Lion in the Jungle said...

you reminded me of this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiufkixkLBA

check out the 'scooter part'

AsX said...

LOL, got wat u mean!