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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Condom Ringtone

On this particular day, I would like to wish ‘Happy Birthday!’ to someone really special!

Lately there was a HIV Awareness and Prevention campaign by BBC World Service. And the method? Ringtone that chants “Condom” more than 50 times and with different tone and pitches. According to the newspaper, it is a major hit in India. I am introduced by the advertisement. Here is the “Condom a Cappella” ringtone:

If you love it, you could download them at http://www.condomcondom.org/.

Although it is cool, don’t think I would be using this ringtone. Imagine, everyone is seriously talking in a meeting, and suddenly my phone rings, reminding them to use condom!!


Lion in the Jungle said...

it's pronounce as kong dong maybe king kong's little nick name since young wahahahaha

AsX said...

Okay i better don't ask you what is "Kang Kong"....