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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Me, My Room and Traffic Jam

15 days left in Bangalore. Can’t wait to go home. I woke up feeling really tired this morning.

Last night, it was an exhausting night. I was forced to change my beloved room because there was a renovation going on at the ground floor and the knocking was quite loud. At first I thought there was wild activity (I’m not going to state what) going on at the next room or the room above; because the hotel management didn’t hand out any notice. So I waited, waited and waited for 2 hours!

Realizing it was not what I initially thought (Hey, 2 hours! Impossible!), I made a complain. It seemed the management did not know what I was talking about so they sent someone to my room just to check out. It took them 30 minutes to know what was really happening. So I was forced to changed to room 224 because the renovation might went on till late at night.

On checking in to level 2, the sound still could be heard although quite faintly. Being in such luxurious hotel where when you closed your eyes you could hear people attacking the wall, I was not going to let go the management easily. So, I called the front desk again, complaining of the sound. My room was changed again but to higher ground but on one condition - I need to pay more on the government tax and the room rate remained the same. The management said it was some government newly imposed tax where the higher you stayed the more tax you need to pay. Luckily Genting Highland is not in India, else I will be paying like crazy. Anyway, I guess I would be investigated by my company for the sudden tax changes, but it is a valid reason, right?

So, I was allocated to room 610. It looked like my previous room, only with a bigger LCD TV. But I still liked my older room where I had a relaxing compound. In addition, the room was quite dusty! They must had vacant it for quite sometime. Hopefully it is not haunted!
(Below: Views from my room)

So, this was how my miserable evening went. Did not have good sleep because of the new bed (without my own familiar smell); so I am not feeling really well today. I felt really tired.

Gee, I was typing here for so long and my taxi still yet to reach my working place. Just now, my driver told me that he wanted to go for “pill”. Not understanding what he was saying, I asked him whether he could have it after dropping me off. He said no, stressing that it was low or else I could not reach my working place. Okay, now he sounded threatening, so I said okay, assuming he needed to get some drugs. In the end, he redirected the car to a fuel station! I wondered how he scolded the famous four-letter word – “Pluck you”?

The flood caused by the rain for these 2 days had worsened the traffic congestion in Bangalore. My taxi had yet to reach my destination after being caught in the jam for an hour and I’m getting myself a headache by the honking sound.

Let’s see how long it takes to reach my workplace and whether I will be feeling okay or not.

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