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Friday, August 22, 2008

My Cell in Bangalore

I had a late conference which ended at 12.30am midnight; but as usual woke up at 6am Bangalore time. Not feeling tired though, maybe my body has started to get used to the environment here.

The first day when I was in Bangalore, I went to get a new Sim card; because during my one month stay, there would be lots of conference call since my job involves sites like Malaysia, U.S and Israel. For last night, I was on the phone for around 4 hours where each minute would cost me 1 rupee. I don’t know how much is the charges for local call through my hotel; because I don’t bother to ask it after looking at the laundry service price.

One thing I dislike about the service provider is that my call dropped every 30 minutes! I thought any service provider would be more than happy if you could talk endlessly. I guess mine is different because it is from UK, a place famous for soccer! Yup, Vodafone! It must be a special service from them, reminding you of half time event. So I had 7 half times last night, kept redialing in and ended up confused about the meeting content.

Every once in a while, I would be getting spam calls from Vodafone, promoting their new services. To make the matter worse, they spoke in Kanada, a widely conversed Indian dialect in Bangalore. Luckily for them, it was a recording, else I would be speaking Hokkien back to them, slotting in some foul languages that I could recall people using it against me.

Until now I still could not remember my cell number because it is 10-digits long. Try remembering 9742099182 for me, even trying to repeat the number 10 times will result in me saying out the wrong number. Maybe the secret of remembering this number is trying to repeat them while shaking your head like the Indian here, might stimulate the brain digestion of data; who knows!

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