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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Around Bangalore

I have to admit it, I’m sick. Not sick as in ill or have some mental problem (emmm… my brain should be okay I guess, although I bump my head once a while) but what I mean is homesick! Emmm… okay not home as in Sarawak home, I guess I should put it as Malaysia-sick!

I guess it is the element of being unique. As the only Chinese in any place around here, for the first time I feel like a foreigner! Usually whatever country that I have visited, there is actually some Chinese. So, it would look normal.

(Below: See? No Chinese! I am the abnormal element)

Once in a while I get out of the room to let the room service staff clean it. So, I will instead stroll around the city.

Except from the auto-rickshaw drivers that kept following me and want to bring me around (Trust me it is horrifying!). One thing that catches my attention is the fencing at some hotels. They are using some primitive technologies – glasses fencing and nails fencing (Maybe to keep the Auto-rickshaw drivers from following the guests)

Next, when you try to enter any shopping centre, you need to have your body and bag being scanned. This is because there were 8 bombings in Bangalore 2 weeks ago.

In Malaysia, you can see dog resting or strolling around anywhere, eating the trash, doing their ‘businesses’. In Bangalore, their ‘dogs’ are much much bigger!

As for roadside stalls, although I was advised not to try anything there, but it seems like there is no chair provided, people eat their meal standing! I guess this help the digestion.

Oh ya, and one more thing, Chinese love to say that Indian oil is a lotion like this:

But actually they are wrong, it is this:

What I love, I guess the only that I love is coming back to my room, seeing tat the room service staff clean up my bed and decorate the bed with lots of pillows!

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