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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Things Have Not Been Going Well

Things have not been going well. It just like a period when everything just simply goes wrong. Why have I not been blogging yesterday evening? The reason is I was in a completely different car, Suzuki Swift than my usual Ford Ikon and the driver came 1 hour earlier but called my cell up saying that he had arrived.

To reserve a cab in India, my company had set up a webpage where the data would be sent to Hertz; and they would arrange a cab for me. 2 hours before that they would send sms to my cell, stating the driver’s name, his car number, and his cell number. Sound cool right? During the first week, yes, I received this sms; but lately I guess the system got lazy and I received nothing from them.

So, for yesterday, I didn’t receive any sms at all. I went into the car straight without hesitation, thinking that I had keyed in the time wrongly in the reservation webpage. But I took caution when in the car - I used the GPS feature in my handset to double-check if he was going the wrong way.

In the end, it seemed that he was actually in a different time zone. I arrived safely at my hotel; but could not go off the car because he seemed like did not know how to issue the bill / receipt. Then I realized that it was his first day at work. No wonder!

Anyway, this morning, I didn’t receive any confirmation sms or email! And to make the matter worse, no one came to pick me up! So, I called Hertz and then they gave me my driver’s detail. So, actually my driver was late!

Maybe Hertz knew that I am a person who gets satisfied easily – I had another day with Toyota Innova! Because of the jam, I don’t feel like being inside the washing machine, so at least this is something good.

(Below: See how nice, and spacious, and better than my regular car)

(Above: So who is taller now?.....Still him ...)

When I said that things had not been going on well, actually I did not just refer to the cab service that I had been taking.

Yesterday morning, my 2nd hotel bill came; but of course, I settled them happily (when you are not the actual one paying, you will be glad to sign anything). However, in the evening the Hotel Manager called and said that I had not settled my bill!

Luckily I kept the receipt for company trip filing purpose; and managed to show them the proof. Later in the evening, there were 2 short blackouts when I was trying to finish up my daily task. So, I ended sleeping very late at night and woke up feeling tired.

Now in this comfortable car I really felt super sleepy! Maybe I would just take a nap while in this car.


RealGunners said...

it's just 1 day for u.. things hav not been going well for me for about 2-3 months..

asx said...

Ya i understand you, bro. When thing goes wrong, everything goes wrong.

Hey, you survived, except for cath part. ;)

RealGunners said...

hahaha i'm surviving that part too.. she's breaking my heart at a speed faster than light that i've got used to it XD

*wonders if cath will read this*

asx said...

Let me go and get a new heart for you, you want rectangular, triangle, circle, square or the most fancy one heartless...

Yeah, i think she will read it.... maybe not.