10/18: Okay, my job caught up on me, need to work even on weekends. Well, let me continue blogging on my trip. Sorry guys!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Toyota Innova

*Note: No photo for this morning, seems like I kept having error when uploading my photo*
Today a bigger car fetched me to work – a Toyota Innova. At first I was waiting at my hotel entrance trying to spot my regular Ford Ikon; although Toyota beside me had the exact number plate that I was searching.

The hotel staff opened the door for me and signaling me to this particular car. I stood there for a while, wondering whether I had made the wrong reservation. Well, what was done had been done, I would need to re-check my reservation later.

I went into the car and had a conversation with the driver.

Me: Do you know where am I supposed to go (Trying to make sure, he did not pick up the wrong person)?
Driver: Yes, sir to *working place name*.
Me: Do you know my name? (Hopefully he won’t answer a different name)
Driver: Yes, sir
Me: Could you tell me my name?
Driver: Say your name, sir?
Me: Ya, say my name.
Driver: (He paused for a while) Say your name?
Me: Ya, say my name.
(Ok for dirty-minded guys out there, this conversation does not go obscene in the end.)

He ended handled me the billing paper after trying hard to pronounce my Chinese name in Indian ascent (and my name suddenly sound so Italian!), and yup, it’s me! The vehicle category was written as Ford Ikon but the car stated inside is Toyota Innova. So my next question is…

Me: What has happened to your car?
Driver: This is my car, sir.
Me: Car Enlargement Surgery?
Driver: Surgery sir? I don’t have surgery. (He seemed did not get what I mean)

With Toyota Innova I suddenly felt taller, could see things from above (exaggerate a bit okay? And I’m not dead…yet). Soon, I realized that MPV in Indian road is a pretty bad combination. The unsteady road and the potholes had made it so shaky that I feel like in a washing machine!


Lion in the Jungle said...

wahlao what punde law is that?? crazy la 40kmph? We cincai step already 60-70 la

Lion in the Jungle said...

wah daring ar you dare to tell ahney brother to 'say my name'? next time try "who's your daddy?!"