10/18: Okay, my job caught up on me, need to work even on weekends. Well, let me continue blogging on my trip. Sorry guys!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Curd Rice

It’s a rainy evening. Traffic is super congested. This is the first time I got myself wet by the rain in Bangalore; and I feel guilty causing my driver drench because he was trying to open the door for me when I headed towards the cab. Now I am thinking how much I should tip him 10? 20? 50 rupee?

It is going to be a busy night tonight. No, it’s not about going to party or pub or have some wild fun, although I wish I could. I will be attending a conference call from 8.30pm till 12.30am. So, I’ll try to keep my blog short, so that I could have a nap in this cab.

Do you love yogurt? Yes? What yogurt do you like? Strawberry? Blueberry? Mix Fruits or just plain yogurt?

Indian love yogurt until the extent that they eat yogurt with RICE! No kidding! It is actually a dish called Curd Rice. The taste? Try mixing yogurt with rice then u will know. Honestly I can’t accept it, for me dessert or drink could not suddenly switch role and becomes the main meal! It is like mixing Cola with Rice, Peanut Butter with Lamb Chop or Deep fried jelly!

(Above: Sweet, sour and milky rice!)

Chinese Mooncake Festival is around the corner, I wonder how it would be like in Bangalore. Who knows, if I scout around, I might be able to find mooncake with curry filling!


RealGunners said...

make sure u bring some of those curry mooncakes back if u find any XD

asx said...

If you promise to eat them; i might try my very best to find them :P

JasJos said...

It's ok what. U have chocolate mooncake, ice-cream mooncake. Hell u even have coke chicken wings, coffee chicken.... Never try their Masala tea? It's quite good. After u drink that, mamak teh tarik is like drain water. Sien man, now in Johannesburg, city of gold, but all I can see is black shit, if u know what I mean. Maybe I should do a blog like u.

asx said...

Chocolate mooncake and ice-cream mooncake is like dessert mix with dessert, still okay wat. Curry inside mooncake is like main dishes + mooncake (okay, i don't eat mooncake with meat inside one too).

Hey, start a blog! You should have lots of stuff to write since u travel everyday!

jasjos said...

Yea, I think I would someday. But I'm a noob in this kindda things. I only know how to download illegal stuff and check my mail. Even internet banking was new to me 3 years ago. U should be my consultant lar. The only problems would be adding photos to my blog if I have 1. It would be embarrasing to take photos of everything in front of my senior colleagues, if u know what I mean.

asx said...

Nah, I'm a also a noob, not a blog star or what. This is actually my update to my parents and friends to tell them that i am okay and how is my life over here.

Photo? Just take it when no one is around. You go to so many cities, there must be lots of stories or discoveries to be made.... i think.