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Monday, August 18, 2008

Bangalore Speed Limit

It’s a long tiring day and already feeling sleepy at 8pm. Just now, I thought going home one hour late would avoid the traffic jam but I was wrong, really wrong. It was so jam that my cab only could move 10m per minute! So, I let myself off the car and walked to my hotel instead. My poor driver, I don’t know how long he had to stuck in the jam.

Last Friday was a public day, so some of my Indian colleagues went back to their hometown. One of them fell sick because he was driving for 8 hours. I thought he traveled really really really far until he added that he traveled for 200++km. Gee, that is like driving about 30kph! In Malaysia, 8 hours of driving could bring you from Northern part of Peninsular Malaysia till Southern part SAFELY!

So how come? In Bangalore, the highway speed limit is 40KPH, no kidding! And to make it more adventurous for the road users, they add in bumps along the highway.

Next time, when my Indian colleagues come to Malaysia, I’m going to bring them to Malaysia highway with speed limit of 110kph! Maybe I would need to buy them helmets to calm them down…..

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