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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Strolling Further The Neighbourhood

Officially, I have been in India for one week. Honestly it feels like a year. Don’t worry I don’t hide at the corner crying for Mummy. There are just too much things to get used to, plus some worries of my tasks in Penang; everything just rushes to my mind and block it from thinking straight. I guess I will feel better when I start working on Monday.

Yesterday, I tried to stroll further from my hotel. Except from the Indians looking at me like looking at a monkey from the zoo (Last time when I was young when Caucasian tourist is rare, when I see a Caucasian, I would surely study him or her), I realized that there were lots of things to learn about Bangalore.

In Bangalore, the police uniform looks like a park ranger uniform in Malaysia.

They have a very unique police car, but I wonder how fast could it go.

(Above: Police - “Do not exceed the speed limit, else I cannot catch up”)

Strolling along the road, sometimes I smell urine whenever I was next to a wall. The first thing that crossed my mind was how come I do not see any dog around but I could smell their territory-marking scent. I was suspecting the cow, until I saw a guy squatting by the wall with liquid coming out from him. By then , I finally understand it… ewwww!

(Above: As Nike said -“Just do it”)
In Bangalore, I think they rated the hospital. There are normal ones, specialty ones and who knows, a Super Specialty hospital, wow!

Crossing the road in Bangalore is considered as a skill. I usually had the difficulty trying to cross the road because of the endless traffic, so usually I would just follow the locals to reach other end. Actually to cross the road here, one only need to close his/her eyes and just walk. But till now, I don’t think I have that skill yet. Imagine the cars each driving at 60kmph, try to cross this road.

I ended up at a shopping mall and bought myself a pair of locally made sunglasses. It is not a bad one and there is one year warranty. The reason of buying? First, Bangalore is a very dusty and windy city, so sand could easily get into one’s eyes; secondly, I could finally take a photo of myself without revealing my identity…hehe!

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