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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

India: Expected vs Reality

Now on my way home, typing in a taxi driven by a very old man. This guy is so old that he asked me where I am going TWICE! Hope he will not fall asleep when driving. But if you see this blog, that means I arrive my hotel safely.

Last time when I heard that someone was coming to India, the first image that flashed through my mind was green green grasses everywhere. You could roll around the grass, enjoying the finest nature that Mother Earth could offer, breathing the super fresh and clean air.

When one person sang or danced, everyone would know the same tune and could dance to the same rhythm. If there was no one around, people could appear out of nowhere. The people here really loved singing and dancing. They could do it out of a sudden, in between conversation or just trying to convey a message!

Well, the paradise that is formed in my head by Bollywood movie shatters when I come to Bangalore. The air is so dusty that the city seems to be covered in dust. Grasses? I can’t find a piece of grass, which is green and big enough for me to roll around in Bangalore. If I do find a big one, I don’t think you would be trying to roll around the grasses with the cow roaming around. As we all know, cow eat grass, produce milk and there is no toilet specifically for cow.

Indian like Malaysian does not simply sing and dance. If you try to suddenly sing or dance; no one would appear out of nowhere to sing or dance with you…… Hold on, I take back my words here…. Rephrase… If you suddenly sing or dance suddenly and loudly, policemen or nurses from mental institution might appear out of nowhere to dance and sing with you!

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