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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Brigade Road and Indian Chicken

One thing I hate about Bangalore is the auto-rickshaw drivers who keep following me around offering to bring me to shopping centers, tourism spots and silk or craft or emporiums. When I say following, I mean following by driving as well as park their asides and walk with me. It’s really hard to enjoy a leisure stroll around the area without them pestering.

Today I strolled a bit further from my usual area. I walked to one of the famous places in Bangalore – Brigade road. Although it is just a road, there are lots of branded shops and as usual cars are everywhere!

Happily, there are some familiar fast food chains but would the food still taste the same? Hopefully it is, so which store to pick for my lunch?

I ended up going for KFC because it is still Kentucky Fried Chicken and not Indian Fried Chicken, and others are really full. When placing orders, I realized that the cook is wearing a strange looking chef-like hat which if you look closer, looks like wearing a disposable underwear!

The menu is almost the same as Malaysia, but there is one special set called Zing Kong box.

At first I planned to order it, but think of it I seem don’t know to pronounce it in Indian ascent, so I ordered Zinger burger set. Strangely though, they don’t understand what I am saying. I thought Zinger should be pronounced as “ZI-NG-ER” but it seems not. So I settled with chicken rice set. Later I realized that they pronounced it as “jingle”, so I wondered they sang “Zinger” bell during Christmas?

When I received my chicken rice set, it seems that there was no spoon at all. Oh no!

I looked at my hands, and looked at the rice and looked at my hands again and then looked around. I raised my hand and asked for a spoon, hoping they did provide it. Luckily, they did; but a small ice-cream spoon.

The rice is okay. They provided Indian gravy which looked and tasted like chili with a bit of curry flavor.

However, the chicken is really dry but crispy. Gee I thought KFC chicken is imported from US, if no then Indian chicken is really dehydrated. Looking at the flyers around, I understand how come it seemed so different. They had Original Recipe but ‘Hot and Crispy’ instead of ‘Hot and Spicy’ in Malaysia. Does this means that the Original Recipe in India is also spicy? Hmm… should try it someday.

Anyway, I found one happy thing in KFC. I finally saw a chinese girl! Okay, my happiness is nothing to do with my hormone, it’s been a long while since I see a Chinese… Now I am not the fairest of them all…..


RealGunners said...

u sure its a girl and not auntie? XD

asx said...

No matter wat it is still a chinese, it's really rare to find a chinese here!