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Monday, August 11, 2008

Journey to Bangalore - Part 2: Hi and Bye Singapore!

Today i began working in Bangalore. Everything is just fine. Will blog about that in the future. Might blog that in the future hopefully, anyway continue my last blog.....

Singapore a shopping paradise! After almost 2 hours of flight, i arrived at Terminal 2. But before that i overheard an old guy calling Malaysia in Hokkien translating "I arrive safely. Now in Terminator 2!" Luckily, he could pronounce “Arrival Hall” correctly and not “Arriving Hell”.

So comparing Terminal 2 with any airport in Malaysia, what’s the different?

Big, spacious and high class but whenever you buy at the shops you have to do 2 things:
1. Never look at the price
2. Never look at your credit card bills

There are garden and jungle for you to relax when you bought any stuff and realized how much it costed.

Luckily there is something that caught my attention. F1! And this is the first time i could take a photo without crowds pushing me around.

Of course, there are free internet spots where u need to fight for one computer and only use it for 15 min. After 15 min, you have to 'thicken' up your face, relogin to the computer again and tried your best to ignore the children behind you.

So, when you go shopping, how to keep your children occupied and don't realize that you have been missing for a few hours? The children playgrounds! (when i took these photo i could swear some parents are looking at me fiercely, almost could hear them growling)

Lastly, i love the toilet too! Should empty my tank before boarding the flight to Bangalore!

I arrived Bangalore safely. Baggage were slow, very slow but I'm glad it arrived together with me.

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